Friday, February 10, 2012

Outdoor Living Room

I think a lot about living in a "just right" house. In many ways my dream house has become pretty minimal over its evolution, in terms of size, features, and square footage. I have no desire for a big bedroom, a luxurious sunken tub, or a huge farmhouse sink. In other ways my standards have become much higher, because I know the ingredients of a house so much more intimately now than I ever have before. The same way I can never go back to boxed stuffing or second rate drip coffee in my kitchen, I will never again be able to ignore poor insulation, inept window placement, awkward trim, and misaligned cabinetry.

One thing I know for sure about my dream house; it must include a nice deck big enough to socialize on. An outdoor living room is an essential ingredient in a quality life for me, so I feel really lucky that there's so much cool outdoor furniture these days. It sure has come a long way since my childhood! Do you remember aluminum framed deck chairs with seats made of wraparound rubbery vinyl tubes? Horror.

Here's the comfy adorable set at Home Depot that got me thinking about my "dream deck" again last night: