Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Real Time Meets Real Life

Like so many, I had the best intentions when I started this blog. I intended to report several times a week about the progress of our tiny house building project, thereby justifying the name "Real Time Real Tiny". However, real life has intervened and made blog maintenance impossible for quite a while.

Now it's summertime and our tiny gem is nearly finished. We're washing the windows, finishing the cabinet doors, and cleaning it up today. The only things left to finish are the full height shelves, interior closet doors, the loft ladder, and the steel nosing to protect the edges of the lofts. I can't wait to clean up, install the cabinet and closet doors, and see the whole interior in all its finished glory.

Right now there's rosin paper protecting the bamboo floor, plastic covering the toilet, and various other bits of construction detritus littering the inside. Yet still, when I go inside, I simply love it. I wish I could keep it myself. I would use it as an office and studio where I can get away from the household and work in peace. As a child I never understood the Woolfian quote about a woman needing a room of her own to write fiction. Now, as an adult with two children and many demands on my time and attention I finally appreciate the full implications of her statement. I need a room of my own to get anything done that isn't directly related to caring for my family!

I also fantasize about having it as a kind of housing insurance policy in these uncertain economic times. If things get crazy, we could live in our beautifully crafted Lusby. Space would be tight, but it would be better than renting a hotel room by the week or living in a car.