Thursday, September 23, 2010

Making the Most

We had a fantastic opportunity and I'm glowing with the satisfaction of making the most of it.

 If you're a follower, you'll recall that we scored several pallets of four foot long mixed grade doug fir 2x4s at a very low price. Since then we've committed ourselves to flooring and paneling the entire tiny house interior from toungue and groove we're milling from the ripped 2x4s. After sorting out the usable stock, we were left with about 800 boards we couldn't use. We placed an ad on Craigslist posting it for the same price we paid for it and we should be selling the last of it today. That should yield just enough cash to repay us for our tongue & groove router bit and a few other tools and materials we'll need to make the T & G milling process work.

One guy bought about 1 dozen boards for craft projects, another bought 300 for rafter tails, and yet another scored some clean affordable firewood. All told, several cubic yards of potential landfill were rescued and repurposed because we took the intitiative. I'm so proud of us.